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About Coorg

Coorg, also known as Scotland of India is a small district in Karnataka nestled in the Western Ghats.

The Kodavas, the natives of Coorg are known for their hospitality and their distinct culture which is reflected in their way of dressing, food habits, customs, festivals & traditions. The evergreen valleys & forests, the misty hills are a welcoming sight.

Madikeri also known as Mercara majestically situated at 1170 m. above sea level is the district headquarters of Coorg. Coorg has several Indian Army Generals, Officers & Soldiers to its credit & the women folk are exceptionally beautiful & charming.


Coorg language is called ‘Kodava Thak, a language without script & a mixture of Malayalam, Tamil & Kannada.

Festival of Coorg:

Dasara: Beautifully lit Tableaus with statues of Gods are taken on a procession on the Vijayadashami day in September-October. It is said that after Mysore, Madikeri is the most sought after destination for Dasara celebrations.


Usually celebrated during the first week of September, this festival marks the completion of the planting & ploughing. On this day, all weapons like guns, swords, daggers etc. are cleaned and worshipped. Pork (Pandhi) curry and Liquor (Kallu) forms an inevitable part of all Coorg celebrations.

Cauvery Sankramana:

River Cauvery is one of the most important deities worshipped by the Kodavas. This festival is celebrated on the 17th of October every year on the “Tula Sankramana” Day. Thousand flock to witness the upsurge of water in the small holy tank & take a holy dip. Every household in Coorg will have a bottle filled with the holy water from the small tank.

Puthari (Huthari):

This is the harvest festival of Coorg. Celebrated during the month of November/December, the first harvest is done on the full moon day. A part of this harvested paddy with straw is kept in every house for the rest of the year to mark prosperity. The harvesting is followed by a grand feast (which includes a sweet rice payasam made out of the new rice) & a lot of dancing & bursting of crackers.


Kodavas who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great are pure non vegetarians. Therefore their main dishes are Pandhi (Pork) curry, Koli (Chicken) curry accompanied by Akki Otti (Rice Roti) & Kadumbuttu (Rice Dumplings). They also prepare some real mouth watering Bamboo shoot curry and wild mushroom curry which are seasonal.


Coorg has a very pleasant climate through the year.

Summers are pleasant with temperature ranging between 16-30 degree Celsius starting from the end of February till June. Monsoon commences in the month of June and goes on till November. This is the best time to visit to see the lush green hills covered with mist & the seasonal rivers and waterfalls.


Come prepared with your jackets, wind cheaters, umbrellas & rubber boots during this season.

Winter starts in November till February with the temperature ranging between 6-20 degrees Celsius. Carry your woolen sweaters along. You will enjoy the most between September & March.